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A long felt need of both parents and children who are musically inclined, has been fulfilled by Keerthi Pasquel, the Singer and Musician of all seasons, in the form of a School of Western Music, teaching music full-time for the first time in Sri Lanka.

The school, named Trinity Academy of Music has on offer to students with a desire to learn, irrespective of age, the syllabuses of The Trinity College, London, with the qualifications of the Trinity College awarded upon successful completion of the courses and examinations at the different levels.

The Levels of courses and examinations thus provided range from Initial to Grade 08 part-time and the diploma levels of Associate (ATCL), Licentiate (LTCL) and the Fellowship (FTCL) of the Trinity College of Music in London.

The Academy situated at 30/75A on Longden Place Colombo 07, has on its Teaching Staff National as well as International Lecturers and Instructors while the spacious classrooms and lecture halls are fully furnished and air-conditioned with facilities for teaching Voice-training, Piano, Keyboard and Guitar.

The classes from Initial to Grade 08 will be conducted part-time while the Diploma courses will have classes conducted full-time.

The Academy is set to commence courses in September and enrollments are in progress at present.

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